My art consists of mainly 2 styles, figurative and landscape. Both differ greatly in approach and vision. My figurative paintings take a critical view of social and humanity, but are expressed in a rather caricatured and ironical way. Subjects and faces were all created from memories of my daily experiences and the mild distortion on the subjects was not intentional. I did it because they are what I see. I do not try to see the best in people, but I try my best to see the real people in them. I believe a level of aesthetics can be revealed by putting the opposing elements together such as beauty and ugliness, truth and falsity, good and evil, as they can bring out the best qualities of one another. This level of aesthetics can never dilute or diminish life's realities, but only to encourage humanity towards the better. As for landscapes, I use an insider's perspective to portray houses, fields, mountains and sea. i search for tranquillity and serenity in the process of making. What comes out on the canvas would be a mindscape that exists independently by its own. It is the truest to our nature in repose. It is a process of experience and exploration.

• Shanghai University, College of Fine arts, China, Shanghai, Master Degree in Oil Painting 2008

• Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore, Diploma in Digital Media Design 2003